Ways to Use Effective Java

Although it looks like a recipe when we look at the title, my ultimate goal is to write java effectively. Who doesn't want their code to be readable, reusable, or clean? I would like to share with you the knowledge, experiences and of course, my mistakes that I gained on the way to this goal. I am writing this article to collect what I will write throughout the series and to have it at your disposal.

Many of us write code during the day. In fact, our days are spent writing code. But how well do we know the coding language we write? Does typing java every day improve us? I wonder if it's writing java every day that makes us better? Or is it the problems we face while writing java? So how can we improve this huge language that we write? How can we use it more effectively? The book Effective Java, which will guide us in this step, was written by Joshua Bloch. Throughout the series, I will convey to you the information I have obtained in this book simply and concisely.

The way to understand is to explain in the simplest way.

I will be sharing the code pieces in the topic from my github account

Having the above thought, I plan to understand and assimilate every issue, problem and information I come across and present it to you in its simplest form. While doing this, I hope that some of the questions that I will constantly ask questions and attempt to answer these questions one by one will be more useful to you than the answers...

Creating and Destroying Objects

Methods Common to All Objects

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